Narvik is an anchor point in ERIH

European Industrial Heritage (ERIH) Anchor Points are sites of exceptional historical importance in terms of industrial heritage.

Industrial Heritage

The virtual ERIH main route consists of so-called Anchor Points. The name says it all. Many features anchored here. Primarily the overall route framework. Anchor Points cover the complete range of European industrial history. After that, they tell tourists what they can see at a local level.

Visitors of all ages can relive their industrial heritage through fascinating guided tours, exciting multi-media presentations and outstanding special events. Last not least, all the anchor points are simultaneously starting points for a variety of regional routes.

Anchor Points are sites of exceptional historical importance in terms of industrial heritage which also offer a high quality visitor experience. They are the milestones of European Industrial Heritage. Acceptance as an Anchor Point is a seal of quality and it offers visitors the promise of an enjoyable and interesting visit.

It would be sea and iron-ore that would decide Narvik’s fate. Despite Narvik’s location north of the Arctic Circle, the town at the head of the Ofoten fjord is an ice -free port. Narvik has been and still is a reloading point for a seemingly inexhaustible supply of iron ore from Kiruna in neighboring Sweden. 

Museum Nord - Narvik tells the story of the rapid emergence of Narvik as a result of the demand for iron ore at the turn of last century. Along the Ofoten railway which winds through dramatic and spectacular mountains, more than a thousand million tons of Swedish iron ore have been transported since it’s opening in 1902.